Profile: The Beaches

Photography by Cory Vanderploeg at Hermann & Audrey // Stylist: Talia Brown // Make Up: Liz Robertson


It’s rare to find a group of young women who are as focused, dedicated and professional as The Beaches are—especially under the age of 18. Upon meeting them, we realized these talented musicians need to be taken very seriously.

With an epic party video for their tune “Loner” directed by Michael Maxxis funded by MuchFact, tons of experience playing in some of Toronto’s finest venues and collaborations with FCUK for their fall Sketch to Store campaign under their belt, we’re positive that these ladies are well on their way to success.

We’d like to introduce you to Eliza, Jordan, Kylie and Leandra—the powerhouses behind The Beaches’ fresh new sound flooding the indie music scene in Canada.

Aimée Legault: How did you all meet?
Kylie Miller: We came from the same stomach! [in reference to her sister, Jordan.]
Jordan Miller: Eliza and I are in the same grade and have gone to school together since elementary. We met Leandra through school. She worked with us with her school band.

OTMBeaches2AL: How did the band form?

Eliza Enman McDaniel: Previous to going to high school, Jordan and Kylie were in a band with a set of brothers and another girl that was called Sisters, Others and Brothers, or S.O.B. That fell through because the boys went their own separate direction. That’s when we needed to find a new drummer. Jordan and I went to school together so she asked me if I could play drums. We needed to find a new keys and guitarist when another member left the band. The day after the other member left, we asked Leandra because we knew she was the go-to gal.

Was music something you all knew that you wanted to pursue since you were young-er? I hate to say that because you’re still so young…

All: Yes!

JM: I started playing guitar when I was six-years-old. Kylie was in that phase when she wanted to copy everything I did. [Kylie interjects with exclaims of protest.] She was actually way better than me. See, [Kylie]? It’s a nice story.

KM: I was actually way better than her.

JM: So out of spite I turned to base. We played a lot of covers at first and then eventually we started writing songs. The first song we wrote was about being sisters.

Leandra Earl: I started playing piano when I was six. I did a lot classical piano until I joined this band and now we’re doing a bit of rock and synth lines. I’ve always loved music. I’m going to York for Classical Piano.

EEM: My dad has always been a big influence on me—he’s been a musician for 35 years. He was the one who started me playing guitar. But my grandma lives next door to me, and don’t ask me why, but she has a drum kit in her basement, and my aunt taught me the basics. I never considered myself a drummer, but when they asked me I said I could do the basics. So when I joined the band I started taking lessons.

JM: She has perfect timing. Her first audition we saw was extremely impressive.

OTMBeaches3You have grown as a band from a pop-punk sound to a more independent-rock sound. Did the change in your sound happen naturally or because your interests changed?

JM: I had been upset about the direction we were going in. We’d been playing shows with this all-boy band and the people that were listening to us were mostly teenage girls who wanted to see cute boys, on stage so they didn’t really get into the music. We sort of represented the anti-Disney but we had a Disney sound. It didn’t really make sense at all because we were playing to a much younger audience and we were growing up at the same time.

EEM: I think such a huge part of it is you have to be playing music that you would listen to. It didn’t make sense to be playing pop music, for that reason. When we were that age, we needed to start there in order to grow into something more mature.

Do you feel that you’re developing you own fan base at your performances now that you’ve developed your sound?

KM: We just got back from playing a few shows with Mother Mother. It was really fun because their fans were really supportive and really liked our music. I thought that playing for a bunch of people that don’t know you and then winning them over is a great feeling.

EEM: I noticed at the last show with Mother Mother, there was a girl in the front row who was singing every word to all of the songs our EP. It was such a nice thing to see.

How does it feel to have all of the shows that you do under your belt? You’ve played NXNE, Warped Tour, CMW and you’re all still in high school!

KM: It doesn’t feel real!

LE: We feel fortunate.

EEM: It doesn’t feel like real life to me.

JM: It’s pretty humbling too because we’ve had to do a lot of practising to get to those shows. It’s exciting to get to them and we hope we get to keep doing them.

OTMBeaches4What have you learned from playing those shows?

EEM: We’ve learned a lot especially at Warped and with Mother Mother. We’ve had the opportunity to see such talented, experienced bands. It’s great to play with bands like that and take pointers. Especially with Mother Mother—they were very complimentary and supportive.

KM: Watching them perform because they’ve been doing everything for so long— everything is so perfect and really planned out. It’s good to learn how to do stuff like that.

JM: It’s really important for us to learn from ourselves and the mistakes we make.

LE: I was watching the keyboard player from Mother Mother, Jasmine, and she’s just rocking out. I wish I could do that and really feel the music.

JM: We are working to develop our own style to be unique.

What do you most look forward to in the next few years?

All: Touring!

JM: I want to play T In The Park!

KM: I want to do a roadtrip down to SXSW and play shows along the way.

LE: We want to grow as a band, write more and build a bigger fan base.

We think you guys are well on your way!

OTMBeaches5Check out The Beaches on Facebook to stay up to date on their upcoming shows, latest collaborations and amazing journey that will be their careers!

Clothing: Look 1 Black & White – Left to Right // On Jordan: Top & Skirt, Marie & Eve, Cloakroom. Earrings, American Apparel. Boots, Vintage. On Leandra: Top, Brandy Melville. Shorts, One Teaspoon, Cloakroom. Boots, Doc Marten’s. Bracelet, Brandy Melville. Earrings, Aldo. On Kylie: Bralette, Skirt & Jewelry, Brandy Melville. Vest, Smythe Les Veste, Shop NYLA. Boots, Opening Ceremony, Shop NYLA. On Eliza: Top, Brandy Melville. Pants, Calvin Rucker, Shop NYLA. Earrings, H&M. Ring & Bracelet, Brandy Melville. Shoes, Opening Ceremony, Shop NYLA.
Look 2 Animal & Sequins – Left to Right // On Kylie: Top, Equipement, Shop NYLA. Skirt, Oneteaspoon, Cloakroom. Necklace, Brandy Melville. Heels by Ted Baker. On Jordan: Top, Brandy Melville. Jacket & Shorts, Oneteaspoon,Cloakroom. Necklace, Brandy Melville. Clogs, vintage. On Leandra: Sweater, Kenzo Paris, Shop NYLA. Pants, Victoria Beckham, Shop NYLA. Rings, Brandy Melville. Shoes, Doc Marten’s. On Eliza: Top, Mary Katrantzou, Shop NYLA. Shorts, Levis Strauss, Cloakroom. Bracelets, Brandy Melville. Shoes, Heel Boy.