Articles by Natalie Kaine


Profile: Russell Leng

Out of Shape Artist, Russell Leng, uses a lexicon of shapes to simplify oppositions of nature and our contemporary landscape. Leng hails from Vancouver but is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts from the Edinburgh College of Art. His …

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Profile: Adrienne Kammerer

Marbled Myths Illustrator Adrienne Kammerer delves into the depths of dark folklore and haunting creatures. Magic and mythology are channelled through graphite onto paper to form wistful portraits that are not unlike that striking moment when old horror movies get …

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Profile: Heidi Ondrusek

Style Sweetheart Stylist Heidi Ondrusek has a charming vintage poise and unique eye for endearing details. Photography / Tara Bartolini —- The girl herself is simply picturesque. A former model, Heidi Ondrusek consistently presents a natural grace and ladylike quality …

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Lady Danger

Into the studio walks endless legs and a big smile. It’s an interesting face, robust brows and sprinkled with freckles. With a swipe of eyeliner and some big hair she does look a bit like Lana Del Rey, but who …

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Animal Planet

A lot of times animal themed illustration is channeled through a tunnel of imagination, or creatures from a dream, double dipped in cuteness. Alternatively, Christie Lau’s creations draw out an extreme awe for the complexity of nature (and her crazy …

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Meeting Liam for the first time, I am struck by his remarkable British schoolboy vibe, like he just popped over from Narnia. And the young man of 17 has the disposition to match; pleasantly polite, very bright and a wee …

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Rui Amaral isn’t a visual artist, a dancer or a fashion stylist. There’s no pleasing label to encompass everything he does. The underlying quality among it all seems to be an unbridled and contagious passion for creating and appreciating originality. …

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Flipping through DJ’s portfolio, it seems like I’m looking at a different girl on each page. Somehow her striking features can transform leaps and bounds with a little hair, makeup and styling. Even when looking at her in person, it’s …

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It’s that special song that you abandoned long ago. When you hear it your heart jumps back to a fond moment in the past and you explore that memory and the feelings you had at the time, perhaps even discovering …

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