Articles by Layton Wu


Profile: Jan Avendano

A creative portfolio is more than just a showcase of your craft. It’s a window into who you are: your interests, your passions, and your personality. It’s a way of telling a prospective employer — “Hey, I’m not only talented. …

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Profile: Nicholas Robins

When You’re Blue, Just Add Colour Nicholas Robins shows us that the gold at the end of a rainbow is the rainbow itself. Photographer / Vince Vining —- We’re in it now. There’s no turning back. Sweet summer is long …

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Welcome to Astral Plane

The OCAD U Student Gallery was transformed into an interior landscape last night during Nicolas Robins and Christopher Benjamin Speck’s first collaboration, ASTRAL PLANE. The clean space was juxtaposed against the clusterfuck happening just outside, with dust kicking up from …

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Frames Per Second

Thursday night was the opening reception for Frames Per Second at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery.  The show featured work by Charlie Bierk (who was featured in last issue’s “A Genuine Moment”) accompanied by Peter Horvath & Chris Soos as well …

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Concertgoers are always seeking some form of intimacy from the shows they attend, whether that’s rubbing sweaty shoulders with a fellow fan or exchanging looks with the frontman: “OMG, he totally looked at me! We’re practically married now” (this is …

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The Black Atlass Mystery

Introduce yourself to Black Atlass’ Tumblr, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter—it doesn’t reveal much. From the provided information, you can gather the artist is a 17-year-old producer/singer/songwriter of alternative/R&B/electronic music. Dig a bit deeper on the interwebs and you learn Black …

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A Souvenir

Most people return home from their backpacking trips tanned and grimy. But the good kind of grimy. The kind that’s seen stuff, man. Maybe it’s a story about sleeping in a park or about meeting some crazy Swedes at a …

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CMW Review: Hands & Teeth

Guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Pinto leaned over to vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist/violinist Natasha Pasternak and pecked her on the cheek before joining in on a juicy four-part harmony. This moment captured the essence of Hands & Teeth perfectly: a tight-knit group of friends, showcasing their …

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CMW Review: Army Girls

Damn, Army Girls: you guys killed it at Parts and Labour. Part of me wants to use this blog post just to spill giddy expletives to express how good that set was.  But another other part recognizes that this usually …

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CMW Review: Martha Meredith

The About section of Martha Meredith’s website wasn’t lying when it wrote: “her brutally honest pillars and pitfalls will resonate with your own.” In the back room of The Cameron House, Martha gave an intimate performance that brought all who …

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