Articles by Andrew Weir


The Romantics // Inlet Sound

Toronto folk rock/alternative band Inlet Sound drops their first LP: The Romantics today. It’s a serious album that has been in the works since first interviewed the band last year. I got a chance to catch up with vocalist and …

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Catch Up: Joseph Zentil

In 2010 OTM we featured filmmaker Joseph Zentil. At the time, reported that he was in transition. He had spent a few years directing and producing some very sleek films for Canadian artists, and was not afraid to do some …

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OTM x NXNE 2012 Showcase

While there’s no doubt that a packed concert hall can make a show seem monumental, sometimes there’s nothing better than an intimate set to make a night feel like a success. To kick off NXNE, OTMzine organized an acoustic showcase …

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A Genuine Moment

Charlie Bierk paints in a studio on Niagara Street, somewhere between Queen and King that he shares with two of his brothers. The studio directly beside him is occupied by another brother Alex, who also paints. Buster, the Boston Terrier, …

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CMW Review: The Balconies

“Can we…” Jacquie Neville, of The Balconies, starts, her hand outstretched into a particularly bright beam of light above the Garrison audience. Her hair is large and magnificent and her eyes are wide. “Can we get sexy for a minute?” …

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CMW Review: Nightbox

These guys. These guys are dangerous. Nightbox, who played a late night show at Wrongbar on Saturday, are definitely the most charismatic group I’ve seen play all week.  And that’s saying something. We rolled into the set from seeing The …

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CMW Review: Kids & Explosions

“The trick is,” my friend said to me, while absent mindlessly crushing a tall PBR and staring intently at the ground “is to not let on that you’re looking for money on the ground.” Yup, it was 1:45AM all right. …

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This is Major Tom

By way of introduction, perhaps the now-defunct Flickr user “Jackson&Joshua” expressed it best: “Dude. Your entire photo stream is beyond awesome.” Indeed it is. Thomas van der Zaag is a Toronto-based musician and photographer. Working with film since he was …

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