Articles by Andrew Weir

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Catch Up: Nightbox

  Nightbox: they’re a handsome bunch of dudes.    Now that we have that out the way, OTMzine caught up with the band to chat about what they have been up to and get the word on their brand new …

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Feature: Callum Schuster

A Thing in the World Artist Callum Schuster engages contemporary installation art as an exploration of time, space and what it means to create and experience art. Photography by Zach Hertzman at Light x Hevvy Callum Schuster stores some of …

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Catch Up: Mark Peckmezian

There’s something really interesting about Mark Peckmezian’s photography. It’s arresting—and this quality yanks it out of the stream of imagery we constantly see through monitors and smart phones.  It’s arresting not just to the Toronto art scene and blogosphere, but …

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Profile: Twist

Twist is a new musical project by BB Guns’ Laura Hermiston and Holy Fuck guitarist and songwriter Brian Borcherdt. The duo quietly released their first track online at the end of February. Their release, called Where to Lie, features a …

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Feature: First Rate People

First Rate People: Act II Photography by Jalani Morgan / Assistants: Lorne Bradley & Kahlil Hernandez Have you listened to First Rate People’s (FRP) new single, You Won’t Get This Joke At All? It’s good. It’s clean, addictive and just …

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Profile: Jared Raab

Photographer / Jalani Morgan Assistants / Hansel Alanzo and Lorne Bradley Jared Raab’s filmography is vast and fascinating. He has been putting out experimental music videos for some of Canada’s quickest-growing talent – bands like Diamond Rings, Young Empires, OhBijou, …

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Feature: Felix Kalmenson

Not Just Pretty Things Felix Kalmenson’s installation art and interventions force people to rethink space in the city. —– It is the end of March and Felix Kalmenson sits alone at a small table outside of a Wal-Mart Superstore in …

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Feature: Fraser McCallum

Electronic Lights Flicker OTM talks with photo-based Toronto artist Fraser McCallum. —- Fraser McCallum’s photographs bring to mind a scene in the movie Knocked Up: Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are tripping balls on mushrooms in Vegas. They have a …

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Inlet Sound Album Release

Though Inlet Sound bailed on wearing costumes to their album release show on Saturday, they can be forgiven because they dressed damn finely. They opened their set with the album’s title track, Romantics 1. It was a strong starter, as …

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