Matthew Tammaro #1


The sun is still hot, but it is finally cooling down at night in Los Angeles.  Had it been this time last year, I would be dreading what the cool, cloudy weather would mean for my psyche for the upcoming six months, but I admit that I have been missing the nostalgic air.  So, I’m super excited to be writing a weekly blog for all of October.  If anything, for me, this is going to be a great gust of homegrown sentiment, luckily free of any mood-altering seasons.  For you, it will probably be (1) a mish mashed five weeks of my thoughts on this peculiar city and the people that occupy it; (2) the pictures I have or haven’t taken; and (3) some not-too-serious life-related thoughts.

This past Sunday morning, I was making tasteless bodily function analogies about keeping “regular” and always producing work, even if it is bad or not exactly a full-fledged idea.  Having things on the go is the best part of working in a creative field, and unfortunately, when those creative organs are not steadily working, it is, for the lack of a better joke, shitty.  September brought on a lengthy bout of artistic identity crisis, so I’m relieved that this feature starts at the end said creative lull.  Last week, for the sake of making work, a stylist friend of mine, Annabelle Harron, organized a shoot with actress Penelope Mitchell from the Netflix show Hemlock Grove.  These types of shoots where you have no goals except to be interested in what you are making are the best antidotes to an ebbing creativity.  All the rolls of film are currently at the lab, but I fiddled around on my iPhone and managed a couple of Instagrams out of our shoot in Echo Park and Silverlake.


Looking at work for inspiration is good, but also, always bad.  Not true if you’re busy making your own work, but doing both is hard for obvious, logistical reasons.  It’s somewhat similar to being on Facebook: you can’t be busy living when you’re busy looking at others living. I should probably stick to looking to the scenery of this city. It’s much harder to be envious of or stealing things in nature.  In any case, I was busy looking through saved images found on Tumblr (same same, but different than Facebook), and came across four images that really do belong together, and if anything, they make me feel great looking at them.  The first is by Tracey Moffatt.  The middle is a painting by Matisse.  The third is a picture of Father Yod of the Source Family cult being taken care of by one of his wives (please watch the documentary called The Source Family). And the fourth I don’t know the photographer, but I found it on a blog dedicated to hot springs outside of LA where I take as many people as possible.


On the topic of feeling good, this song has been on repeat on my Spotify for the past month. The video just really did me in (omit cuts of the not-so-naturally-endowed host).

I’m going to end this post with a photograph of Theresa, a traveling model who added me to Facebook.  I didn’t realize, but there is a whole cohort of models who travel around by way of their cars and book shoots.  She had just come from Northern California where she was growing weed, and happened to bring a bouquet of flowers and this amazingly sequined jacket that looked great in the overhead sunlight with an added on-camera flash.  I wanted to play with the colours of her hair and tattoos.  To show all of that off, she wore nothing under the jacket, never shy of walking around my backyard.  I like the photo because the pose and colours together are quite arresting–as I’m sure my old school, Hispanic neighbours thought so as well.

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