LYON EP Review

Sometimes you can really connect to an album emotionally. It makes you happy, or sad, or angry, or nostalgic, or maybe all of it all at once. With Indian Summer, Lyon does something a little different. In just five songs, this Toronto synth-pop songstress takes us though those (not necessarily romantic) relationship highs and lows that we know all too well. From the picturesque beginning where you feel unstoppable, to the realization that things aren’t as perfect as they once seemed, to the heartbreaking goodbyes and the self-assurance that everything will be OK. Lyon covers it all in this one EP.

Lyon - Reflection - 2013 - 1.4MBIndian Summer was originally released independently back in February. But since then, Lyon has been picked up by Toronto’s Black Box Music (home to artists like Shad, Northcote and past OTM-ers Teenage Kicks) and the EP was re-released by the label earlier this month. The buzz surrounding Lyon has been growing rapidly ever since the album hit a larger audience. That doesn’t come as a surprise for a debut release that could be stylistically filed next to current big names like Haim and Ellie Goulding.

Known offstage as Lauren Malyon, Lyon opens herself up to listeners like a book, laying her emotions out in the open with real sincerity. She does so whether she’s boasting about “flying high with you” in the (literally) finger-snapping opening track “Indian Summer”, or learning how hard it is to say “Goodbye” in the appropriately named second tune, or even if she’s discovering how to be “Happy Alone” in the EP’s closing song.

Lyon’s happy is just happy, without ever being over the top, and her sad is heartbreaking but always hopeful.

This won’t be last you’ll hear about this up and coming singer on OTM. Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview and photo shoot with Lyon that’ll be released in the very near future! While you’re waiting, be sure to check out Indian Summer in it’s entirety up on Lyon’s SoundCloud.