Cara Gee #4


I’m so happy that the amazing ladies at OTM have asked me to write about this most incredible event of my life. TIFF ended not that long ago, but already it feels like a strange cool dream. A strange, cool, glamorous dream. And now I’m back to real life. Where I don’t have a driver (Enzo and T–you guys are the best) and no one want to do my hair and make-up! So now  I pretty much have to get rich and famous. Cuz I really liked having a driver.

I just got home from Newfoundland last night and I’m beyond excited to spend time with my pals again. I’m very lucky to have the best pals in the whole world. I get to go for coffee with Meredith later on this morning! That is the most exciting thing ever! And then maybe Julia will come to see a play with me! And then I get to watch the Canucks at Hoops tonight with Meredith and Norman and Aurora! This may sound a bit douchey, but I think that as an actor you have to live a really full life in order to be able to bring anything to table when you’re working. I’m pumped to get back to living.


Next week I’m shooting a thing for Toronto Life, so keep an eye out for that. Also, check out season 5, episode 10 of the Republic of Doyle. I get to play a badass, which is just the best. And then I get to shoot a film with Norman Yeung called Anne Darling. Look up our Kickstarter campain, it will be out soon! Friends! Friends! Friends!


xoxoxo Cara


Me and Jonathan acting cool in a fancy car. Enzo was driving. Enzo is the best.


 I may or may not have driven this car recklessly in my episode of Doyle. There’s Rodney in the background! Rodney is the best.


These are lobster traps! I’m in Newfoundland! Connie, the lovely wardrobe lady, loaned me those sneakers because I didn’t bring any sensible hiking footwear with me. She’s the best.