Cara Gee #1

guestbloggerCara Gee is rising to the top. With several notable and diverse performances on the stage and screen under her belt and a strong desire from a young age to be a part of Canada’s talented roster of actors, Cara is extremely fitting for the 2013 Rising Stars program, created by the Toronto International Film Festival to mentor and promote the next best stars to come out of Canada. The professional development program immerses participants in a series of events and industry meetings during the Festival. Special to the program third year, “the TIFF Rising Stars will be taken through an intensive professional “boot camp” with international casting directors, agents, managers, producers, filmmakers and development executives who will help them prepare for success in the film industry both on and off the screen.”

Just in time for this years festival, Cara has a leading role in her first feature film — the 2013 Festival selection Empire of Dirt, directed by Peter Stebbings. We’re fortunate to have her guest blogging for us as an alumni as she ventures through the series of amazing experiences she’s sure to come across throughout the month of September. We can’t wait for everyone to see her shine in the leading role and to get a sneak peek of the entire TIFF experience on OTMzine.

SG_Tiff2Being a part of the 2013 Rising Stars program at TIFF and having Empire of Dirt in the festival is the most exciting and wild thing that has happened so far in my career. So, of course, I’m kind of freaking out.

When I first heard the good news I ran around my apartment giggling and squealing. And jumping. And screaming. Sorry neighbours, if you’re reading this. And then last night I had a dream that I was in an acting class and I was doing Portia’s monologue from The Merchant of Venice and every line I spoke my teacher was like “no, that’s wrong”, “wrong”, “wrong”. Then I dreamed that I broke out in shingles right before walking the red carpets. Growing up, I would always have those types of dreams before the first day of school. And TIFF is going to be a crash course in Film Industry 101. So yes, freaking out.

I’m scared and excited. I’m excited to meet all the people and see all the films and play dress-up. It’s a big moment in my life and it’s strange to be standing on what feels like the edge of a cliff. I’m about to jump and (fingers crossed) I fly. Empire of Dirt is my first film, and right now I have the feeling in the pit of my stomach like it’s the night before I open a new play. Except all the acting work is already done. I just have to watch it. I hope I remember all my lines.

– Cara.

Below are stills from the film Empire of Dirt.


Top photo by Sam Santos, George Pimentel Photography | All other photos from TIFF