60 Hours Remain! MINOR Kickstarter Campaign

When Kickstarter, the world’s most successful crowd funding site, officially opened its doors to Canadian projects early this fall, OTM Alumni Sam Catalfamo was excited and prepared to debut the campaign to fund his new feature filmĀ MINOR. Now with only 60 hours remaining, the MINOR team is looking for your help to hit their pledge goal!

Click on “Back This Project” at the bottom of the page to be re-directed to the MINOR Kickstarter page, where you can learn more about the project and the awesome rewards offered to those who pledge. With a stellar cast and crew of emerging talent, we can’t wait to see this film become a reality.


The Crew & Cast:


From left to right:

Sam Catalfamo, Director | Matthew Tammaro, DoP | Christian Hamilton, Producer | Elissa Mielke, Lead Actress


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